Reference Photo Library

Landscape / Seascape Reference Photo Library

Download 500 (and counting) high quality and inspiring photos so you can stop wasting time finding scenes and just start painting!

Dear fellow painter,

Are you spending more time looking for something to paint than actually painting? Well I’m here to help you out with this library of landscape/seascape reference photos for you to paint from.

These photos are not just low quality “happy snaps”. These are my personal photos which I have gathered over the last 5 years of my travels through Australia and New Zealand. I have hand-picked only the best photos to be included in the reference pack based on artistic composition (there were originally over 3,000 photos, but many did not make the cut).

I am offering this reference library with no limitations of use (apart from reselling the package, which I doubt anyone would actually do).

What Sort Of Photos Are Included?

I have included all kinds of beautiful landscapes and seascapes for you to get inspiration from. 

Where Were The Photos Taken?

The photos were taken from Australia and New Zealand. Each photo is labeled with the destination.

Some of the places included are:

> Queenstown, New Zealand

> Tasmania

> Brisbane, Australia

> Gold Coast, Australia

> New Farm Park, Australia

> Mount Barney, Australia

> Noosa, Australia

.. and more.

Who Took The Photos?

I did.

This Is For You If….

> You love painting landscapes and seascapes

> You live somewhere which is not that scenic

> You are spending too much time looking for something to paint and not enough time actually painting

> You want to ‘see through my eyes’ as an artist and learn more about composition

Can I Sell Any Paintings I Create Using These Photos?

Sure can! However, I would recommend you use the reference photos more for practice or personal use than to sell paintings.

How Can I Use The Photos?

You can use them to create drawings or paintings, for color/value studies and to learn more about landscape/seascape compositions.

How Many Photos Are Included?

There are currently 500 of my best photos (not including the photos in this sales letter). I expect to add about 100 additional photos every few months until the library exceeds 2,000 photos. The price will keep going up to reflect additional photos which are added.

How Large Are The Photos?

Generally very large. Most of the photos are over 4,000 pixels in width. This way you can zoom in on the photos and see every detail. Most other photo packages have small photos (around 800 pixels in width). But this really limits how you can use them and the clarity of the photos.

Could I Just Use Free Photos From The Internet Instead?

You could. But most of these photos are either:

> Poor quality

> Small

> Taken from the perspective of a photographer, not a painter

> Over-edited and not realistic

Sure, there are some decent reference photos which you could find for free on the internet. But it is just not worth the time sorting through all the junk and dealing with copyright issues.

Will More Photos Be Added?

Yes! If you purchase this library you will receive lifetime updates of new photos. I expect to add a 100 photo mini-package every few months.

But I will only be adding high-quality photos. Many other reference photo packages have thousands of photos, but that is only because the artists did not take the time to cull the duds.

Can I Print The Photos?

Sure can! Or you can view them from your tablet or computer.

How Much Does It Cost?

The current price is $24, which will increase as more photos are added. If you purchase now, you will receive lifetime updates of new landscape/seascape photos which are added!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All my products are covered by a 90 day guarantee period, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied with the purchase in any way, just email me and I will refund your purchase.

Spend More Time Actually Painting

Seriously, the best way to learn how to paint is just to paint more. If this reference library will help you fit in that painting time, then it is money well spent.

To purchase, just hit the "add to cart" button and pay through the secure checkout.

Happy painting!


Dan Scott

Draw Paint Academy