Learn To Paint This New Zealand Landscape In Oils Or Acrylics

Learn To Paint This New Zealand Landscape In Oils Or Acrylics

A simple landscape perfect for beginners

Hi there!

In this course we will be painting a beautiful New Zealand landscape scene. The course is broken down into 6 video lessons and will cover exactly we go from the reference photo to the finished painting.

Here is the reference photo:

Here is the finished painting: 

You will learn how to:

> Utilize subtle grays in your paintings
> Create interest in otherwise bland areas of space
> Paint in a loose and fluent style
> Create depth in your paintings
> Portray dreary scenes

This course will be demonstrated in oils, but the techniques used are similar for those of you wanting to use acrylics. 

This is aimed at beginner to intermediate painters looking to get started with oils or acrylics. However it is not an absolute beginners course, so there is some assumed knowledge of materials and general painting concepts. 

The perfect student for this course would someone who is: 

> Eager to start painting but feeling a bit confused about the overall process
> Interested in oil or acrylic painting
> Trying to paint with a more fluent and loose technique
> Wants to see art theory in action
> Eager to learn! 

But obviously all students are welcome.

Hope you can join me on this painting course!

Course Curriculum

A Note On The Materials Used
Prepare The Canvas
Sketch The Composition
Sky And Water
Dark Values And Mountain Range
Finishing Touches

What's included?

7 Videos
1 Download
Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott

About the instructor

I am an Australian impressionist artist inspired by nature. I also have a passion for teaching. 

I had a fascination with art from an early age. I found particular enjoyment in painting, starting out with acrylics and later moving into oil painting.

My painting style seems to be changing as my knowledge grows. I am not so much interested in perfect photographic rendering of scenes, but rather capturing the emotion and energy of the environment.

I aim to tune out any unnecessary distractions in my paintings, using bold strokes and colors to draw the viewer towards my intended focus point(s). 


Learn how to paint today with this simple landscape painting course!

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