Learn To Paint This Sunset In Oils Or Acrylics

Learn To Paint This Beautiful Sunset In Oils Or Acrylics

Watch step-by-step as I walk you through how to paint this beautiful sunset scene in oils.

Dear Fellow Painter,

Are you confused about how to apply art theory and the process of actually creating a painting? Then this painting demonstration might be for you.

I will walk you through stroke-by-stroke how to create this beautiful sunset painting using oils (however you can follow along using your preferred medium). I will talk you through exactly what I am thinking as I paint and the theory behind my strokes.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the information floating around (much of which is misleading or confusing) and just want to see how it is done, then this demonstration will be perfect for you.

With over an hour of narrated footage, I will take you from the planning stage all the way through to the final strokes of the painting. I do not skip over areas where I make mistakes like some artists do. You will see the full process. You will also be able to see how I mix my colors.

What Will You Learn?

Here is just a sneak peek at some of the things you will learn:

> How to analyze your reference photo

> How to crop your reference to create a more interesting composition

> How to quickly kill any white on your canvas and apply color harmony at the same time

> How to paint with a loose and painterly approach, without being sloppy

> How to use the palette knife to enhance your focal point

> How to effectively contrast warm and cool colors

> How to paint with large brushes

> How to paint in an impressionist style

> How to quickly establish a foundation for your painting without getting bogged down in the tedious details

> How to create small points of interest in otherwise bland areas

What Skill Level Do You Need To Be?

This demonstration is for absolute beginner to intermediate skill levels.

Can You Try And Paint Along?

You sure can. However, it is not essential. You can merely watch and absorb all the information, which you can then apply to your own paintings. This is usually what I do with other demonstrations.

Will You Receive Instructor Feedback?

Of course! You can email me at any time.

Can You Download The Videos?

You sure can! Or you can just stream them.

Course Curriculum

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What's included?

5 Videos
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Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott

About the instructor

I am an Australian impressionist artist inspired by nature. I also have a passion for teaching. 

I had a fascination with art from an early age. I found particular enjoyment in painting, starting out with acrylics and later moving into oil painting.

My painting style seems to be changing as my knowledge grows. I am not so much interested in perfect photographic rendering of scenes, but rather capturing the emotion and energy of the environment.

I aim to tune out any unnecessary distractions in my paintings, using bold strokes and colors to draw the viewer towards my intended focus point(s).